Prime Minister Sexy Pants of Canada

If there was a drooling emoji it’s for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What is the damn context of this photo?


Just me 

Just me edited into the rodeo fair this spring. “Wearing” Erin Robertson


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I can’t… But, who am I to judge?

There was a time when I could lose my shit when I saw a Motorola Razr. Because, this:

Compared to:

That’s a major upgrade. And damn, that was top of the line.

Through a little Google sleuthing, I found out there’s still a market for these things ten years later.

So, of course, I got all curmudgeon-y when I saw this video of  teenagers reacting to flip phones trending on the Youtubes. Originally I thought it was just a few weeks ago, but the video’s from 2015. Time flies when… you’re alive, and getting older.

Vintage photos

MORE RARE PHOTOS FROM HISTORY History is fascinating and it seems like we’re uncovering more of it every day. Here is yet another collection of photos you may have never seen before. Miss America 1924. Vikki “The Back” Dougan, 1957. She was the inspiration for the cartoon femme fatale, Jessica Rabbit. Annie Oakley. For […]