Working Draft: RPDR Season 9 Ep. 12

Hello, hello, hello ladies and gays!

Top 4 Ladies and Gays!

This is the Top 4 we deserved: Shea, Sasha, Trinity and Peppermint. It may not be the top 4 I originally thought we’d have (Valentina and Eureka **ahem ahem**), but it’s our top 4. Overall, I’m pleased with the line up! These ladies have brought energy from the beginning.

Top of Show:

Ms. Michelle Visage arrives in the workroom following Alexis’ elimination. Can you follow in Ru’s footsteps, ladies? Literally, they have to follow his tempo by recording an original verse and learning choreography to Ru’s new song “Category Is.”
side: the big question on everyone’s mind is: “Who replaced Lucian?” Bye, girl, bye.
They’ll be coached an choreographed by All Star’s judge, Todrick Hall. The girls also guest star on the podcast “RuPaul: What’s the Tea? with Michelle Visage.” Oh, and they will perform the song live on the main stage prior to the final runway presentation.

In the Work Room

The girls always say funny things. Ah, the power of editing… They all decide that Peppermint has the most experience for a challenge like this one, and Trinity is the least comfortable singing and dancing, so she’ll probably struggle.
wait I’m confused: Trinity has been solid throughout this whole competition imho, and Peppermint needed some time to warm up. Or, are we not remembering it that way? I will say, however, that these girls are really pushing RuPaul’s Best Friend’s Race, because that’s about the shadiest thing said in the work room.

Recording and Choreo Session:

Damn. The girls are right. Trinity struggles to remember her… vocal schtick and stick to the choreography. Sasha also struggles, but really, Todrick? Those moves looked difficult.
fyi: my definition of diffficult being “anything I can’t do in my tiny living room while watching the show”… Anyway.
As for Sasha’s “rapping” she does openly say she’s going to perform “spoken word” over the rap. But, she’s just not entertaining.
Peppermint has a good memory for both her vocal performance and the choreography, improving their own confidence in the challenge while setting the bar even higher for the other queens.
Shea, in my mind, is in a league of her own for this challenge. She has probably the most difficult choreography featuring a triple pirouette. Todrick looked happy with her.

In the end, this live performance segment on the runway is one of the best editing jobs the crew has ever done. All the queens looked incredible, and were entertaining. It more than makes up for the cheer leading challenge earlier this season.

Runway Is: Eleganza Extravaganza

The final runway of the season, y’all! (scribble time)

Peppermint: Truly giving us Princess Anastasia/ Russian doll realness. Hair is the same wig she’s had, though…

Shea: A bit of a let down, honestly… I’m openly not a big fan of her’s (I was for her promo looks pre-show, but the second she came in screaming for her intro… nope- Boner Killer), but I typically appreciate the way she styles herself. Looks expensive! The dress just looked a little thrift store-y.

Sasha: Also, a wee bit predictable. It’s a Beyonce- inspired, high fashion swimsuit. But, she looks beautiful in it.

Trinity: The look of the night. Michelle says it’s the best she’s ever looked. She is giving 1940’s silent siren.

Who Should Stay?

Before this episode aired, I believed that Peppermint should go home. But, everyone did really well in this challenge. And, all in all, none of the looks were terrible, so I’m thinking that Peppermint is going to have to lip sync Trinity. Ru has other plans though, he has them all deliver encouraging speeches to their younger selves. One final group lip-sync later, and voila! The series’ third “shantay you all stay” and first-ever top four.

So, they’re all going to be in the finale. Who’s going to win? #TeamShea

Season 9 has thrown us a lot of curveballs. Like I said at the top, I don’t think if we had certain queens still in the mix over others at this point, Ru wouldn’t have kept all 4. I think this was the best way for Drag Race to consolidate its losses- If the best isn’t here, let’s give them more options to distract them from the mediocrity.


Still #TeamShea!!



Working draft

Pre-show Musings…

The Aftermath: One Week Later

VH1 aired episode 9 beforehand and I’m still flabbergasted. Valentina was supposed to win it all. She was supposed to overtake Shea, and prove all these bitches that being new to drag doesn’t mean being busted. She certainly is about as put together as the rest of the remaining queens, but she truly did fuck it up last week. Valentina’s lack of preparation for the lip sync speaks volumes- “I’m pretty, I’m staying.” Valentina: “I never imagined this was the way it was to going end.”

Even though it’s Valentina, and I am forever obsessed, I know Ru was the right decision sending her home. You know a few things coming into drag race as  a contestant- there’s gonna be snatch fame, you have to sew (or at least construct) outfits and you will have to lip sync. Also, the whole of episode 9 was pretty awful.

Who’s Left?

So… With Valentina out… Who does everybody think is in the Top 3? For me, there’s such a clear divide the between good and bad of this season that I’m almost over watching this season ’til the semi-finals. What other shenanigans are there to be had in one season?

imho: Shea, Trinity, and Sasha are the clear leaders at this point. They win the challenges, they bring energy, and they are stylish fish. On the other hand, from the girls left, Peppermint has really grown on me and grown as a performer during the competition. I don’t think she’ll end up Top 3 but if she did she’d replace Sasha. Nina and Alexis are lucky. Alexis because… well, I just don’t think she’s at the same level as the other girls and Nina because she literally isn’t worth the energy it takes to make her feel good.


In The Workroom

OK, so it’s 7pm and this is really the start of the episode. I am at JR’s with my gays, and we’re all really wondering what the other queens are going to say about Valentina… Their interviews prior to Valentina’s elimination are rough. Of course they were. They were so jealous of that baby drag superstar. Surprisingly, they’re all just as shocked as we are. But, there’s no real time to dwell on Val’s departure because Nina literally sucks the empathetic energy out of the room. She feels horrible for sending Valentina home, and feels like she probably was the one who deserved to go.

imho: I mean, I get it… We all do… It’s her self doubt manifesting itself in these really self deprecating comments she likes to state as fact. But, this is also a com-pe-ti-tion. Even Alexis and Farrah had heaps more confidence. If you can’t love yourself… how in the hell are you gonna love anybody else, right? Oh. Also. It’s episode 10… There are only 5 other girls left. C’mon… Oh, and from the way it’s edited anyway… She is belligerent about vocalizing her paranoia “let me finish before you curse me out…” so it all seems just a little manipulative. Girl, tell me what happened in Atlanta? I want to know why you hurt so.

The other girls try to root for her until Peppermint abruptly ends the conversation and walks away. “I need to make you feel good because you did a great job?” It doesn’t make sense. Sasha chimes in: “This is not group therapy. We cannot fight for her.” And, Ms. Trinity, always concise: “She needs to go home… I’m over it.”

You’re on your own, Nina Bo’Nina Brown Kennedy Onassis.

Maxi Challenge #RuCrewMakeovers

Another episode senza Mini Challenge (sigh…) but, I love Ru’s grape vine suit that he wears to announce the Maxi. The girls are going to makeover the PA’s of the show! #RuCrewMakeovers

Because they won the previous challenge, Shea and Sasha pair up the queens and the PAs.

Peppermint + Sarge (stocky, very sassy)
Sarge: “I love document these life stories.” Hes open. Here’s sassy. Ru seems to love him.

Nina + Aaron
Nina wants to bring out both of their artistic sides. However, despite actual sewing skill and knowledge, she wants to create their outfits by… sewing them. (Trinity: This is not the time to learn to sew) Shea, despite their beef, decides to help as much as she can because she knows this is a little beyond Nina’s comfort level... Nina wants to do more prosthetics- White Rabbit themed looks. HMM. Aaron tells Nina she’s jeopardizing yourself. “have you always been this way growing up?” 

Trinity + Rizzo
She’s so nasty! “how do you feel about tucking?” Her number one is a FIERCE TUCK. WITH DUCT TAPE. They’re both really cute and acting silly. Ru remarks about how she’s proud that Trinity, despite being a pageant queen, was able to teach and engage a non-drag gay in drag. 

Alexis + Brady
Hes straight but has learned about that drag is more than just a dude in a dress. It’s cute, actually. There’s “Comedic drag… Runway drag… Fish!” which elicits the coveted giggles from Ru. But, he’s partnered with Alexis… We’ll see.

Shea + Josh
Shea chose Josh for the family resemblance. However, Josh cannot walk in heels. Like… Not at all. Trinity asks, “Have you ever seen a dog walk in snow?” Which… is not far from the truth. 

Sasha + Duncan
Handpicked for herself because she wants to bring out the playful side of this brave daddy. Ooh. But, Duncan does warn her not to over intellectualize things. But, Duncan also seems very happy to be paired with Sasha: “Duncan’s feeling the fantasy” as he examines his face with a Little Mermaid red wig. It’s adorable.

A Twist!

As a duet, a lip sync to Ru’s “Click Clack”  must be prepared.

legitimate question: do you think Ru added that little bit in after last episode? Like a warning: “Bitches, you better not any parts of your c.u.n.t. and you better remember the basics.”

This is the BEST Mama Ru has looked all season. A one-of-a-kind hand painted gown by guest judge, Zaldy. What is this look? It’s really quite breathtaking. The Japanese on the gown is a collection of Drag Race sayings. Worthy of a spot at the Met Gala…

The judges this episode are Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Zaldy and America’s favorite, Kesha.

Challenge Execution + Judges’ Critiques (Scribbles) 
Trinity and her sister, Glittafa Dayz Ru is impressed that Trinity really took Glittafa under her wing, and taught her sister so well. They are adorable. And, showing a lot of ass in their swimsuits… illuminating their immaculate tucks. Glittafa: “The Pain is real.” They look like they’re having fun lip syncing to Click Clack. 

Shea and Bae Coulee: while Kesha says it’s “old Hollywood glam”, Michelle says it reads more “star sister and the other sister” yikes. Throughout the runway and the lipsync, it’s actually a bit a of a mess. Bae’s wig was all over the place on her face. But, Bae also says Shea did great. Gotta get support from your sisters if anything…
Oh, no… Shea underwhelmed.

Alexis + Ry Anne Stardust: MADE HER LOOK LIKE THE OLD SISTER. Ru “the nails scream I am a slut” which is about the nicest thing said about their performance… Zaldy “Halloween costume in a bag” and “unfresh“. Ross says “she should go” is anyone else thinking that Ry Anne’s hair and jumpsuit was all ready worn in a previous episode? #clockable

Nina +Ariana as Bunny Rabbits
Ru:”A family that drags together slays together”, but, all of them think there’s a huge disconnect within the whole look. It’s not particularly thought out, or very clean. Ross is hopeful that she’ll “bring it at a 10” while Michelle is no longer charmed- “I’m done with it” Kesha “the ears look like they’ve been rained on” I think it’s a little sloppy… And, you can’t do camp/prosthetic drag sloppily because it ruins the whole illusion.

They look like sisters because of those iconic eyebrows. Kesha: so high fashion. Zaldy loves it and Ross comments on how Sasha’s finally having fun in the competition and letting loose. She did look more relaxed. During the lip sync, she had fun! But, can she do a “sexy” lip sync haha? 

Peppermint +Winter Green. Feeling their fantasea even though I hate the outfits. Michelle “the outfits clash but I don’t care. You should thank Winter Green.”Ru says Winter Green is the MVP of the episode. She made Peppermint look better- Ross says: “Peppermint better be kissing feet.”

sidenote: Completely forgot about Valentina by now. You? The show did, surprisingly go on! And, it’s better than before. We fans have a lot of love to give, but we’re fickle as fuck.

The Top:

Trinity wins! I think it was close between Trinity and Peppermint. But, the judges like what Winter Green, or Sarge did with Peppermint’s drag and not how Peppermint transformed Sarge.

Sasha is safe.


At the bottom: Alexis, Nina, and Shea.

Lip Sync:

Nina looks annoyed. But, she has to lip sync… And, I booed the screen when they announced it was Shea against her. Alexis should thank her lucky stars for one more week. However, when Demi’s Cool of The Summer track begins, and they’re lip syncing. They’re both kind of boring. I’m thinking “oh.. is Ru going to say that neither has the passion or drive to continue?” But, of the two, I guess Nina looks like she is more over it. At least, Shea is throwing in a few tricks… Just not very exciting tricks for this song.

In the end, Nina gets her wish to be eliminated…

imho: Ru needs to make an announcement. Do NOT throw these lip syncs. Such expensive douchebaggery. Just save the performance fee and walk off the stage.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep. 5 Kardashian, The Musical

Hello hello hello, ladies and gays!

This episode was a doozy at the very last second. I literally ugly cried. But, there was a whole lotta episode first. Back in the work room after last week’s elimination, Trinity wastes no time erasing Charlie’s lipstick message.

Trinity asks something that I think has been on everybody’s mind: “Why didn’t charlie put up a fight?”

Does anyone know? Basic Google research finds: she had a broken rib. Ooh.

When asked what it was like to be thrown under the bus by her teammates. Trinity responds: “I was the team captain. And, that’s the reason why I should be in the bottom, and not for other reasons…”

But, I think she misses the whole reason why she was in the bottom. She was the leader of her group… so there’s a bulls eye on her head. And, her team did poorly. Whatever other reasons her teammates found… she should’ve just kept her mouth shut. It’s a little crazy and paranoid. Am I missing something?

Alexis laments being safe all the time: “It’s now time for me to turn up the volume. I have to rise to the top.”

Nina also shows her paranoid self conscious side: “I wouldn’t mind seeing certain people struggle a little bit.”

Other than that though, I think these girls are nicer to one another. Haha!

… Enter Ru and…

The Mini Challenge is back!! I am so happy! I have been waiting for these. They require quick bursts of creativity. And, it’s even better because it’s “Featuring hot bulging mens-es-es.” They have to take a sexy selfie with a selfie stick in “quick drag”. These go fast though, so I didn’t have a lot of time to jot things down.

Quick notes:

Alexis looks older in drag than when out. At some angles like Amy Schumer.

Cucu: not so good. Her photo is blurry!

Valentina: adorably asks Ru to introducer her as Ms. Venezuela. She’s always living in full fantasy mode. Why is she so beautiful? She’s a cholo homeboy, too.

Winner: Alexis “Sorry that my swimsuit selfie game is so strong… Not sorry.”


The Maxi Challenge

Broadway’s Newest Mega Sensation: #KardashianTheMusical

The roles are picked by Mini Challenge winner, Alexis, and her casting is pretty good but doesn’t please all:

The premiere cast is:

Kris Jenner…………………Alexis Michelle– OK Musical Theatre Queen. Whatchu Got??

Kim Kardashian………..Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Khloe Kardashian……..Nina Bo’Nina Brown– Shaking her head and giving bitch face: “I don’t see it for me…” She seems pissed right away. She wanted Blac Chyna and she seems closed off. What is happening? Nina is getting caught UP in this drama. I am sad about the attitude. He feels that he’s being ganged up on. But, Peppermint puts it best: “There’s only one black Chyna and three black girls…”

Kortney Kardashian….Aja

Britney Spears……………Peppermint– “I don’t even get a Jenner! My black ass is playing Britney Motherfucking Spears” Fair enough.

Lindsay Lohan…………….Sasha Velour

Paris Hilton………………….Trinity Mattel

Kendall Jenner……………..Valentina

Kylie Jenner………………….Farrah Moan– Haha!


Eureka Aka Kerri Strug

It’s been weeks since the cheer leading challenge. But, she really did pull a Kerri Strug bopping onto her bussy the other week. She gave it all that week but didn’t even know it. He needs crutches to walks. He has a beautiful, positive, “can do” spirit. I want her to win!

“When life gives you lemons… You take rhinestones and cover up that lemon.”

Todrick Hall Choreo Session Quick Notes:

He works Eureka’s disability. All upper body and face.

Shea rocks out some old school 90’s moves. Looks hot doing it.

Nina: “I was kind of hoping for her trip a little bit… but, she didn’t trip… so, what can I say?” Nothing, gurl.

Cynthia, Aja and Nina are struggling. Nina with her bad attitude, Cucu with her crazy-but-cute cluelessness, and Aja with her bad dancing. “You’re killing cockroaches!”

Todrick is not having it with Nina’s bitchiness. “Tomorrow, I’m gonna need all that gone.”

Farrah and Valentina struggle with basic clapping patty cake choreophy. But it’s mostly Farrah.

Elimination Day

Workroom Gossip

“RuPaul’s Best Group Therapy”

Eureka apologizes to Sasha and Valentinaabout her attitude in the previous episode, and her mocking eating disorders. They take it gracefully and open up about their struggles, past and ongoing with anorexia. Shea also reveals her past struggles with bulimia. I’m glad they did. They appear and give off such positive and self confident personas… to know they struggle humanizes them. I love this show so damn much.

The Runway


The best look from Ru yet! So good. Breath stolen. Legs and mouth agape. Eyes shut.

Toddrick Hall and Meghan Trainor guest judge.

Execution of Kardashian, The Musical

I am a vocal anti-Kardashian gay. Sorry not sorry. So, the musical is pointless herstory lesson. But…. it’s a long lipsync to a Hamilton-esque soundtrack. So, my body’s ready.

Quick notes:

Peppermint is hilarious as Britney. She doesn’t look like her but she’s embodying her crazy! I especially love her costume. Paris (Trinity) and Lindsay (Sasha) are just not like the most exciting characters to play next to her crazy ass. So they’re “safe” but they’re not doing bad.

Cucu as Kim does not know her words…

Alexis as Kris has great stage presence. Which I am EXPECTING from a musical theatre queen.

Nina shook off whatever was wrong with her and delivers. Aja as Kortney is fine. But Cucu is just clueless still.

Kendall and Kylie are held UP by Valentina and Kris’s side reactions. Farrah seems to be trying, though. It’s just not great?

Shea as Black Chyna is amazing. She’d win an actual Tony for her small part. She has the energy of an explosion then just walks off. Incredible. I laughed through the whole damn segment. She can dance AND she knows her speed rap.

I do NOT know what I was expecting from Eureka as Northwest. Not that. But, I was howling. But I did see how she was glued in one place.

I LOVED THE BACK UP SINGERS lipsyncing but why was everything singing AH and Farrah an OOh.

Alexis is really amazing! She’s giving it. It’s too bad she gave Shea such a good surprising role.

Runway Theme: Faux Fur

Peppermint: Pink puffies and boring skirt. Eh…

Trinity: Savage realness. Beaver and pelts.

Sasha: Russian. Again. Meh…

Alexis: I like the coat. But the overall look is pedestrian.

Cucu: Her fur maxi dress swallows her

Nina: Great! Very 90’s. I love what she does with her boobs. Her boobwork is en pointe.

Aja: She clocked Valentina for a souped up bikini a few episodes ago. And she’s wearing a bikini and white fur.

Valentina is perfect: Like a 40’s starlet in snake print, brown fur draped off her arms and big helmet hair.

Farrah: Lol. “Fraggle Rock Fashion.” Lime green look with heavy gold fringe armor type thing and bright cartoon red hair.

Shea: Expensive. Pink Di$count Universe. Dress has monster eyes on it.

Eureka: “Stop relying on those… crutches.” But the look is good. A bright pink body suit with fur shoulder pads.

Judges Deliberations

Pepper: Carson “Totally nailed it” but Michelle clocks the skirt as an afterthought.

Alexis: Michelle sums it up pretty well “Bitch you turned it out… (as Kris) but hated your look today. Step it up because that Kris Jenner is the business.”

Cucu: Both her look and her performance were bad… 😦 Sorry, cucu.

Nina: Carson: “Mary J. Blige going to get milk.” But Todrick calls her out for her bad attitude. Nina admits that she feels that she was set up by the other girls to fail. Ru asks if her paranoia is an ongoing theme. Oh my… Red flags. But damn her for her singular mascara stained tear dripping down her face. Be still, my heart!

Farrah Moan: Michelle: too much highlighter. Meghan says that even with her turqoise hair, she couldn’t find her in the musical. Toddrick “Disappointing”

Shea: They lived for her this week. I did, too. Obviously the top of the week.

After deliberations, Ru calls the girls back out to the stage. The Winner is Shea! It could’ve been Alexis but her Faux Fur was a faux pas. Shea speaks to Ru like a person: “You look so good tonight it’s damn near sinful.” I love her confidence, bitch!

Peppermint and Alexis are safe.

The bottom three are Nina, Farrah and Cucu. I was gripping my seat. I was sure Nina was lip syncing because the attitude. It’s kinda scary. But, the judges did it right! The bottom two are Farrah and Cucu

The Lip Sync

Passionate performance by both the girls of Meghan Trainor’s “Woman Up.” But, now that I’ve seen Farrah lip sync, I only have one thing to say: Nope. Not that Cucu is Alyssa Edwards but Farrah dances like she’s about to have jizz poured all over her.

The song ends, and I’m sure Farrah is going to be called forward. But, Ru is called off set by a producer. When she returns, Eureka is called forward. Because of her knee injury, Ru cannot let her continue in the competition. Farrah has just become the most lucky contestant ever.

“You are loved here.”

Ru assures Eureka that she has a standing invitation to come back for Season 10!

I think Drag Race justwasn’t ready for a big girl to win.