Before you do anything. Watch above. The best of historical musical comedy as presented by Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett.

HGOco’s Summer Opera Camp

The registration is around $250

I attended this summer camp, but the HS version, 3 of my 4 high school summers. I learned how to sing at these camps. I did the chorus, then three leads. I highly recommend it. There’s a lot of individual attention from highly regarded faculty.

Con: from personal experience, “opera children” are crazy cut throat. So the parents need to be emotionally supportive! I can’t stress this enough.

Pros- strong emphasis on AGE APPROPRIATE singing and getting the basis of music theory ie. piano skills, reading music, foreign language. AND depending on the summer program, the kids either make their own opera or perform a “light” version of a classic, easy opera.

WATCH: Typically they do Pirates by Gilbert and Sullivan

The benefits of learning to read music and play piano go beyond the acquisition of the skill. There’s a direct correlation between higher IQ points, the ability to multi-task, stress management, problem solving skill. Put simply, playing piano and reading music makes you smarter.

Why? Well, with piano playing- it requires the player to be ambidextrous and coordinated, as well as confident and self-forgiving.

And with reading music, it’s essentially a second language. To most, sheet music looks like a bunch of nonsense. As a student masters music theory, they’re processing how to read symbols (music notes), process them (what pitch level/note length does that music symbol represent?), then translating them (I need to press my finger here! I need to sing this particular pitch).

Also MST’s Summer Camp is great.

I did not attend as it’s a relatively new program. But, the faculty I’ve worked with before and they’re great.

It’s more encompassing of theatre performance in general– costume and set design, dance, acting. It does “round out” a performer more than an opera program, but the camp is a week… Which can only round you out so much haha

Watch: Lauren Roesner sing all genres of music theatre

It’s the performer’s job to be obsessed with theatre. Really, the only thing separating performers is their level of passion. To get caught up, I suggest a few more videos:

Kristen Chenoweth

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Lady Gaga


Meghan Trainor

Some singers to be wary of (Notable bad vocal technique) that are famous…

Idina Menzel


Ariana Grande

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